Courage to Vision The New Year

With the New Year upon us it is a wonderful time to step out of the business of our lives, reflect on the year to come and ask what is really important to us.

Our ordinary lives develop a momentum.  The unfolding of each day and week is the result of the decisions we made last week, last month and even last year.  Now, that’s great if we reflect on what we’ve created, asking ourselves if the reality fits with our initial imaginings.  But we often miss this step.  It’s not just visioning, but consistently re-visioning that’s important.  Take the opportunity now.  Connect with your deepest dreaming and reset your compass for the year to come.

Many people begin the New Year with setting goals for themselves.  While goal setting can be helpful, it tends to be instrumental, focused on what a person will do or have.  If undertaken superficially, it is unlikely to result in a significant transformation in your life.

Connecting to Your Deepest Vision

At the Global Coaching Institute we prefer a deep visioning that starts with who and how you want to be in the world.  Only when you are deeply connected to that, can you trust the vision that follows.

Our deepest visions are necessary in today’s world.  A continuous tide of consumerism assaults us daily, and we need to apply our conscious intent to hold that at bay.  So many messages bombard us about what creates happiness, we can run ourselves into the ground in pursuit of fool’s gold.  In order to create authentic and deeply fulfilling lives, we need to tune out this white noise and connect with a deeper wisdom in ourselves.

Even as I write those words, they evoke a mild anxiety.  Deep visioning assumes not only that deep within ourselves is a knowing about the right path for our lives, but that what call us is in fact possible.  It can be realised.  Not quite believing these things results in what Robert Fritz describes as settling for what we think we can or should have instead.

Our Deepest Dreams and Purpose

In our GCI programs, we teach coaches and would-be coaches  to uncover their clients’ deepest dreams and life myths.  Connecting with these, they can live lives with a deep sense of purpose.  As I reflect on my own vision for 2018, it is to become more discerning, to say no to those things which don’t align with my deepest dreams.

Visioning is an organic process.  I didn’t consciously set out to vision for the New Year, but noticed what drew my attention and was holding energy for me.  I found myself clearing out notes, papers and journals that go back over a decade, and discovered I was making space for something I didn’t quite yet know.

This means we don’t need to vision in isolation.  We can work with our embodied wisdom and the many signals and invitations which the world presents and discover what direction we are already headed in.

You don’t have to feel pressured to know your direction for 2018.  Allow what you sense to cook within you.  Pay attention to your inner knowing and your outer world.  Notice unexpected events.  Allow synchronicities to pop up and engage with them.

Listening to Our Senses; Inner and Outer

Connecting with our deepest vision is about making ourselves available and listening to what we sense.  Become like a hiker in nature.  Enjoying what is around you and then discover what has caught your attention.

If your vision happens to be working with others to realise their deepest dreams and potential, check out our 2018 programs.

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