Coaching with Precision in a Time-Poor World

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Having coaching precision allows one to work with speed.  And if there’s one thing that most organisational leaders are short on these days its time.

It’s not that you want to push clients to results, it’s just that you don’t want to waste time coaching toward dead-ends.

Here are three essential practices for coaching with the speed and precision that will open the door to C-suite clients.

1. Track Who Is Speaking

The person who comes into your coaching session, shouldn’t be the same person as who leaves.  When powerful coaching happens, there is a transformative shift in the client.

Learn to listen for who is speaking.  Do they have access to the big picture and a clear understanding of the full potential your client possesses?  Or are they the voice of someone who is bogged down, overburdened and has lost perspective?  Do they support growth, or do they hold views and beliefs that will hold the client back?

2. Follow The Energy

We see many coaches getting caught up in the client’s narrative and not working where the real energy and potential for change lies.

At GCI we counter this common trap by teaching students to read energetic feedback; non-verbal and communication cues, which have their origins in the unconscious. This is  a powerful way of moving beyond the constraints of the client’s ordinary self

3. Pick Your Level

Sometimes, even experienced coaches work at what might be described as the wrong level.  For example, focusing exclusively at the level of habits and behavior when deeper work on identity is needed for sustainable change.  Or working at the individual level, when systemic insights and relational or political engagement is needed.

The ability to recognise what level your client is operating from and learning to shift levels in order to access new insights and momentum makes for powerful coaching.

For more on coaching with precision and Process Oriented Coaching, take a look at our upcoming programs in Australia and Barcelona


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